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Workplace Violence

  • Identifying the Bully
  • How to Handle Workplace Violence
  • Risk Assessment
  • Being the Victim
  • Checklist for Employers
  • Interview Process
  • Investigation Process
  • Developing a Workplace Harassment Policy

Language: English

Instructors: The GROWTHville Institute

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Why this course?


Workplace harassment is illegal and destructive to any organization. It is important to treat everyone in the workplace with respect and dignity. Workplace harassment must be identified, discouraged, and prevented in order to keep a hostile work environment from developing. Left unchecked, harassment can escalate into violence. Workplace harassment training is essential to the welfare of all businesses and their employees.

In order to prevent Workplace Violence, it is essential that managers and employees are able to identify individuals who could become violent and understand how to diffuse dangerous situations. This workshop will help participants to identify and address violence in the workplace, as well as giving them the tools to develop their own Workplace Harassment Policy.


• Define workplace harassment.
• Understand bullies and how to avoid hiring them.
• Create a risk assessment and understand how to handle violence.
• Recognize social and business responsibility.
• Develop relevant policies and procedures.
• Learn how to investigate complaints.

Course Curriculum

Workplace Violence Course (12 Modules)
Workplace Violence Workbook
Workplace Violence Quick Reference 1 of 2
Workplace Violence Quick Reference 2 of 2