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Transgender Employees Creating an Inclusive Work Community

  • Overview of Transgender People in the Workplace
  • Beliefs and Attitudes
  • Power of Language
  • Safe Spaces
  • Resources Location and Development
  • Workplace Human Rights Policy

Language: English

Instructors: The GROWTHville Institute

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Why this course?


Transgender Employees: Creating an Inclusive Work Community is a course that introduces the importance and elements of safe, inclusive workspaces for transgender persons – those identifying as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. This course will offer an introduction to terminology, elements, policies, and resources to build and sustain a safe, inclusive environment for transgender employees and increase the comfort level and productivity of everyone in an organization.

Transgender people deserve equal treatment in the workplace and your students can learn here how to provide it.

The seven sessions in this course will help students understand the importance of inclusivity in the workplace, increase understanding of transgender people, explore biases and misconceptions, and how to identify and implement elements to support a safe, inclusive workplace.

Course Curriculum

Transgender Employees Creating an Inclusive Work Community (8 Modules)