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Telemarketing Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool

  • Verbal Communication
  • To Serve and Delight
  • Exceptional Things about Telephone Sales
  • Building Trust
  • It's More Than Just a Phase
  • Communication Essentials
  • Developing Your Script
  • Pre-Call Planning
  • Phone Tag and Call Backs
  • Following Up
  • Closing the Sale

Language: English

Instructors: The GROWTHville Institute

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Why this course?


This course will show you how the telephone can supplement, enhance, and sometimes replace other means of marketing and selling, and how this personal approach can dramatically increase your sales success. We will also talk about how to hone your communication skills, your ability to persuade, and techniques to personalize each sales call.

The Telemarketing: Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool training course instructs on how to make dramatic improvements to results, by sharpening communication skills, developing trust and respect with customers and colleagues, warming up sales approach, making positive impressions, learning negotiation strategies to improve sales results, and the use of scripting.


Course Curriculum

Telemarketing Using the Telephone as a Sales Tool (121 Slides)