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Setting & Achieving Goals 4-Week Mini-Course

  • Goal Setting & Getting Things Done Course
  • Finding Your WHY
  • Purpose, Vision, & Goals 
  • Achieving Goals
  • Reward System
  • Self-Care
  • Power of Intentions
  • Stop Procrastinating
  • Take ACTION!
  • Seven Habits of Action Planning
  • Develop an Action Plan

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Tracie Lashley Academy

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Most people have a dream for their future - but knowing how to achieve the goals necessary for making that dream a reality is a whole different story. If you want to help others put action toward achieving their dreams, this email series offers you a unique opportunity to do just that. By sharing insight into goal setting and action steps necessary for remaining motivated, you’ll play a big role in helping people get the traction they need to move in a positive direction. 

Hello... I am Dr. Tracie Hines Lashley.

People always ask me the same question. "How are you able to do so much with very little time?" Well... I developed this course to show them how I am able to do it. It is all about setting goals that I can achieve. 

I also have excellent time alignment and energy management skills. 

We have the SAME 24 hours a day BUT... allocate the hours differently.

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