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Responsibility in the Workplace

  • Accountability ladder
  • Examples of responsibility
  • The importance of being responsible in the workplace
  • Build trust with co-workers
  • Characteristics of responsible people
  • Barriers of being responsible in the workplace
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Increasing responsibilities
  • Accountability software

Language: English

Instructors: The GROWTHville Institute

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Why this course?


One of the most critical traits to look for in an employee is responsibility.  Responsible employees drive the success of an organization, whether for profit or not for profit. 

The responsibility in the workplace course will introduce to you the idea of responsibility and the traits that define a responsible employee.  It will also show the effects of having responsible employees versus irresponsible employees.  And finally, the workshop will cover the steps to becoming more responsible.

Course Curriculum

Respect in the Workplace Workbook (11 pages)
Respect in the Workplace Quick Reference Guide (2 pages)