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Entrepreneurship 101

  • What it Takes to Make it
  • Resources to Consider
  • Laying the Groundwork
  • Building on Your Business Idea
  • Key Documents to Prepare
  • Gathering Funding
  • Keeping the Business Moving

Language: English

Instructors: ACEIRT University

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Why this course?


Start your entrepreneurial journey on the right foot with Entrepreneurship 101. This comprehensive course teaches the basics of entrepreneurship, covering topics that include:

  • Entrepreneurial self-assessment
  • Where to find business ideas and how to know if they are good ones
  • Developing product ideas and creating value propositions
  • Identifying your target market and customers
  • The basics of finance, including how to develop solid financial projections and where to find business funding
  • Business ownership options, such as sole proprietorships, franchising, and existing business purchases
  • Creating a business plan, executive summary, pitch deck, 30-second pitch, and white paper
  • How to protect your intellectual property
  • The six Ps of marketing
  • Leveraging social media
  • The basics of branding
  • Launching a business and keeping it moving
  • Being an entrepreneurial leader

Course Curriculum

Entrepreneurship 101 (17 Modules)