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Dealing With Difficult People

  • Conflict as Communication
  • Benefits of Confrontation
  • Preventing Problems
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Getting Focused
  • Dealing with Problems
  • The Three-Step Conflict Resolution Model

Language: English

Instructors: The GROWTHville Institute

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Why this course?


Dealing with difficult people is something that most of us will experience at one time or another in our lives. We may encounter people who are inconsiderate, stubborn, indecent, unhappy, angry, or passive-aggressive. These encounters may happen only once with an individual, or we may have ongoing issues with people who behave in these ways. How should we act when this occurs? And what should we do when these people are our employees?

If difficult interactions are necessary, and we approach those conversations or interactions with a plan, we will likely find that these encounters are easier to handle and we can have more successful outcomes. In this course, you will learn how to turn difficult situations into opportunities for growth.

While this course is aimed at supervisors who interact with difficult employees, the information and activities can be helpful for dealing with difficult people in other situations as well.

Topics covered in this Conflict Resolution course include how to recognize how their own attitudes and actions impact others, effective techniques for dealing with difficult people, strategies for dealing with anger, and how to cope with the difficult people and situations.

Course Curriculum

Dealing With Difficult People (14 Modules)