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Creating Successful Staff Retreats

  • The Look of a Positive Environment
  • Team Player
  • Working Cooperatively
  • Effective Workplace Relationships
  • Dealing with Problems
  • Meeting Management

Language: English

Instructors: The GROWTHville Institute

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Why this course?


This Creating Successful Staff Retreats course has been created to give students the skills to conceive, implement, and evaluate a staff retreat. Successful retreats can help bolster productivity and sales and promote a positive work culture.

This course begins with a look at different staff retreat experiences and moves on to discuss the reasons why they are held, and then takes a look at main staff retreat undertakings categories. The focus then shifts slightly to a look at how to identify the critical elements for a successful retreat, how to develop a planning checklist, and the keys to running a retreat. Evaluations and post-retreat activities are explained as well.


Course Curriculum

Creating Successful Staff Retreats (6 Modules)