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Access 2016 Essentials

  • Create and Manage a Database
  • Build Tables
  • Create Queries
  • Create Forms
  • Create Reports

Language: English

Instructors: The GROWTHville Institute

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Why this course?


You will gain a fundamental understanding of this database application's environment and basic database principles. They will be able to demonstrate the correct use of key features and the ability to create and maintain tables, relationships, forms, reports, and queries.


• Create and modify databases
• Manage relationships and keys
• Navigate through a database
• Protect and maintain databases
• Print and export data
• Create and manage tables
• Manage records in tables
• Create and modify fields
• Create a query
• Modify a query
• Create calculated fields and grouping within queries

Course Curriculum

Access 2016 Essentials Course (6 Modules)
Access Essentials Workbook (5 pages)
Access 2016 Essentials Quick Reference Sheet 1 of 2
Access 2016 Essentials Quick Reference Sheet 2 of 2