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Learn to Put a Little HEART in it!

Fri Aug 27, 2021

Say Yes to Leading with HEART!

"Let's work together to put HEART back in leading family, organizations, and our community." — Dr. Tracie Hines Lashley 

Effective leadership is slowing slipping away into quicksand. The mindset required to lead others extends beyond the typical growth mindset but into a HEARTFELT mindset that requires an awareness of self. A heartfelt mindset stems from emotional intelligence and is the secret weapon for empathy, teamwork, synergy, persuasion, influence, change, agility, coaching, training, creativity, relationships, and so much more. A fixed mindset has the preconceived notion that potential is determined at birth; however, a growth mindset believes potential is unknown. Since neither focus on emotional intelligence (as a whole), the best mindset for leaders is heartfelt. This mindset comprehends that true potential can only result from service and adding value to others. Everything starts in our minds; therefore, it is safe to say that leaders must have the most effective mindset to lead others.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” 

~ Dr. John C. Maxwell

BOOK RELEASING SOON!!! We need more leaders in the world who focus on serving others with a heart and focus for people. Leadership is a phenomenon group and goal focused. Leaders must have confidence and self-awareness, have empathy and excellent collaboration skills, and have a focus on caring for others while making the world a better place. The principal foundation of leadership is grounded on having fairness, integrity, nurturing, empowerment, and a common goal focusing on mission and vision of organizational climate.

To transform the world, we need transformational leaders. Leaders must lead from the inside out, outside in, side by side, and upside down. When we lead from the inside out, we lead ourselves, which should always be the initial step. Leading self requires integrity and heart, passion, and is where values and character are found. When we lead from the outside in, we show servant leadership qualities where the focus is serving others. Leading from side-by-side demonstrates teamwork, whereas, leading from upside down is leading communities.

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” 

~Author Unknown

To make the shift to become one of the greatest leaders of all time… You must be ready to make one of the most crucial leadership shifts. You must be willing to shift your focus from pleasing people to challenging them. People need to be challenged to grow. Are you not growing yourself? Are you challenged when you grow? Why make it easy for your followers? When you think about having a desire to please people, do you realize that you are forcing them to stay the say and not have intentional growth? They might grow slowly but only by accident. How will this help them in life? If you do not make this crucial shift, your impact will be limited, and you will be left doing EVERYTHING. If this happens, you will not have time to grow others.

“Leadership is communicating to people their worth and potential so clearly, that they see it in themselves.” 

~Dr. Stephen Covey

What are you communicating to others? If you do not know this, you will know today… Leadership rises and falls on communication… YES!!! Say it with me… “Leadership rises and falls on communication”… You must know how to effectively communicate to others for them to understand your words, thoughts, and vision. Understanding what you are telling them will make a tremendous impact on their self-worth as well. Your projection of them personally will make a bigger impact in their life if you learn to speak their language. I am not referring to cultural language but communication style.

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