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Fri Aug 27, 2021

Heart-Centered Leadership...

A leadership style that is here to STAY!!!

Servant leadership and heartfelt leadership have been popularized with the foundational principle that the leader’s chief calling is to serve the followers, nurture them, and foster the best results possible.

Core values, standards, and, ultimately, the impetus for heartfelt leadership lies in self-awareness and the cultivation of a heart that lends itself to the values of servant leadership.

Heart-Centered Leadership means having the wisdom, courage and compassion to lead others with authenticity, transparency, humility and service. “You lead by encouragement and inspiration, not by fear and control.” -Susan Steinbrecher

The heart of a leader lies in quality character. Often overlooked, the heart qualities of character are essential for servant leadership and optimizing both internal and external returns. The core leadership qualities:

Compassion: Compassion is the concern, care and consideration for others. It mindfully engages, motivates and empowers individuals, teams and organizations to achieve their vision and become the best they can be. It is understanding, other centered, and self-sharing. With compassion, leaders invest themselves in actualizing the potential of those they serve. They add deep value internally and engender organizations that make communities better. Compassionate leaders exercise active, applied emotional intelligence. They improve happiness, wellbeing, satisfaction, emotional health and productivity. Drives creativity, responsiveness, commitment, loyalty, conflict management while creating a positive model for teammates to emulate.

Empathy: Leadership empathy creates the resonance and rapport that includes, shares and stimulates participation. Positive empathy utilizes and includes all members of the team inviting them to contribute at the highest levels possible. Empathic leaders relate to feelings and thoughts on subtle levels that makes people feel valued and significant. Empathetic leaders reflect an active awareness and attunement. They know who people are, what their dreams are, and what their potential is.

Kindness: Purposeful kindness demands a disposition that focuses on giving, serving and being generous to others. It looks towards helping, supporting, promoting and providing that something extra. Kind leaders go above and beyond to encourage, praise and excite their teammates. They nurture the skills, attitudes, energy, enthusiasm and emotions that allow people to become all they can be. Kind leaders see giving as a vehicle to support the best in personal development, performance and adding value.

Graciousness: Gracious leaders exemplify


When people lead at a higher level, they make the world a better place because in addition to results and relationships, their goals are focused on the greater good.

Ken Blanchard

Mr. Bob Jerus, SPHR
V.P., HEARTfelt Leadership, Founder of EIQ-2.

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